What is a public profile?

Cometdocs allows users to create public profiles for the purpose of sharing their files publicly and also viewing files that other public users have shared.

However, these public profiles are disabled by default and have to be enabled by users who are interested in sharing documents publically. It is important to note that if you don’t want your files to be this accessible, then we do not recommend the public profile option for you. If you have a regular private profile that is not public, you decide with whom you want to share your files.

Creating a public profile

Go to Settings

Profile Settings

Then go to Enable Public Profile.

Enable Public Profile

Choose your desired ID and click on Enable.

Public Profile ID

That’s it - a new public profile has been created.

Your public profile URL will be visible from Settings – General

Public Profile URL

This is the URL at which all of the files you are sharing publically will be able to be viewed.

Sharing Files

Public profiles contain only files you have chosen to share publicly and can be viewed by anyone who has your account URL. The profile can also be publicly searched and found via various online search engines.

Free users can store up to 2 GB on their public profiles, while that limit is higher for premium users. Before beginning to share, please check our TOS and Privacy Policy in order to know what file types are allowed to be shared.

Unique ID

Enabling a public profile is required if a user wants to get a unique ID. When you have a unique ID, you can use it to share it to share your files with other Cometdocs users instead of giving them your email address.

How to download files from public profiles?

Click on download button next to each file to start download.

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