What can I do with the Host tab?

In the Host tab, you can find documents which have been publicly shared from the Store tab or directly from the Host tab. The Host tab allows us to retrieve a public sharing link and keep files available for sharing. 

In the list of available documents, just click on the one you need to get a link for and the link will appear in the upper box. One can easily change between categories for publicly available files. For example, you can change categories from Public to Unlisted, or make a file previously visible to everyone available only to people who have the URL. There is also an option to make a file private and unavailable for sharing in any capacity.

Unregistered Users

Unregistered users have access to the Host functionality, but with certain limits. Files are uploaded anonymously but the sharing link is publicly available and lasts only 24h. The maximum file size for sharing is 100MB. 

What happens if I drag a file from the Clipboard to the Host tab?

When a file is dragged to the Host tab, it becomes public, though it will be in the Unlisted category, which means that it is not visible to search engines, but only to people who have the URL. Therefore, you would have to share that URL with the people you want to be able to access the file. 

Users can change these sharing options and make the file visible in the Cometdocs Public Directory.

Every file dragged into the Host tab becomes a part of your storage quota and is visible in the Store tab as well.

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