Refer Cometdocs to friends and increase your weekly conversion limit

Cometdocs has a limit of 5 free conversions per week. That limit can be increased by upgrading to a Premium account or by referring Cometdocs to your friends and getting them to join.

To do this, click on “Referral” in the upper menu of Cometdocs.

You will be presented with a unique link through which your friends can register with Cometdocs. Just copy the link and share it anywhere you want (social networks, email, etc).

Referral link

Once a friend clicks on the link, registers and confirms their new Cometdocs account, both of you will receive five additional weekly conversions. They have to register via that URL only. If they click on URL, but leave the website, and register on some other URL, the referral will not be calculated.

This means that if you had 5 free conversions per week, after referring your first friend, you and your friend will have 10 conversions available conversions per week. If you refer another friend, your conversion limit will increase to 15 per week and so on.

Dear User, the survey is now closed. Thank you for participating. Please check your email address to see if you are one of the lucky winners of a free premium account.
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