Although the PDF is a highly dynamic and robust format, there are times when the advanced features of the PDF are unnecessary. Sometimes, all you need is plain text.

A plain text file is exactly what its name implies - a file in which there is no formatting and one that contains only plain text, such as letters and punctuation. A text file may lack the advanced features of a PDF, but this simplicity is enough for some of the most essential data processes we use every day.

For instance, because plain text files can be encoded in ASCII and made universally compatible, they are often used for technical data processing, source code compilation, HTML editing or updating databases.

Text files can even be used for simplifying your work on a daily basis. Working with simple blocks of text allows you to easily assemble PowerPoint presentations, create publishing material or paste text into Word documents.

If you want to eliminate those excess PDF elements and stretch your content beyond its original purpose, simply extract the textual content using a PDF to Text converter.

Converting PDF to Text

Cometdocs offers a simple PDF to Text converter that lets you perform free and instantaneous conversions without having to rely on the Acrobat software.

This converter is specially designed to convert your PDF (Acrobat) file to plain text. It extracts the PDF file's text and strips out any logos, fonts, layouts and graphics that the file may contain, leaving you with simple, reusable text.

To successfully convert your PDF, upload your file into the Clipboard. Drag the file to the Convert tab and choose the txt file format. Now enter your email address. A link to a new text document will be swiftly emailed to you.

Users should note that the PDF file you are converting must contain text information, not just images, and the file cannot be encrypted/ password protected. Otherwise, you can get simple PDF to text conversions right in your browser, any time you need it.