Overview of Cometdocs

The brand new Cometdocs website has morphed from a trusted and reliable free PDF conversion service into an all-encompassing, free online document management system.

Cometdocs users are able to upload their files in a vast variety of file formats, transfer and send them to third parties via email, store them for future reference or as backup files, manage and preview files online and share them publicly.

Registration is not necessary for using several of the features, but those who want to use the added features like file storage, sharing and extended limits will have to register. Registration is free and gives users access to all of Cometdocs’ document management services.

However, it should be noted that there are certain limitations imposed on free users, all of which can be removed by upgrading to a premium Cometdocs account.

The limits for unregistered users are:

  • 3 conversions weekly per IP address
  • 100 MB worth of daily file transfers per IP
  • transfer and host links are valid for 24h

Registered users have the following advantages:

  1. 5 conversions weekly per account.
  2. 1 GB worth of daily file transfers per account.
  3. 2 GB document storage limit.
  4. Transfer and host links do not expire for stored documents.
  5. Better control of sharing visibility. 

Limits can be extended by upgrading to a premium account at any time.

More info can be found here.

Cometdocs can be used freely for both personal and commercial use. User privacy is maximally guaranteed as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

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