File transfer


The File Transfer feature can be used by both registered and unregistered users. The procedure is, for the most part, the same in both cases. The only difference is that a transfer link for unregistered users is valid only for 24h. When an unregistered user transfers a file, the link will be valid for three full days. However, if the user chooses to store the file that they have transferred, the download link will be available indefinitely.

Upload Files

Just about any file type can be transferred, with a couple of exceptions (.exe files for instance). The total size of the transferred files can reach a maximum of 1 GB for free users. Premium users have higher limits which you can see here.

We recommend that you zip files before uploading them.

The file upload process might take a while depending on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection.

Transfer already stored files

If you want to transfer files that are already stored on your account, you can do so by simply clicking on the file and dragging it to the Transfer tab.

Drag Files to Transfer Tab

Enter email addresses

Once you have uploaded or added files to your Transfer tab, you will need to enter the email addresses of the people to whom you want to send the files. You will need to enter your email address as well, to which a confirmation email will be sent once the files have been transferred. If you do not enter an address for yourself, the confirmation will be sent to the default email you used when registering your account.

The maximum number of receivers is limited to one for free users. Premium users have different limits.


Transfer Documents

Enter all the requested details and click Transfer. An email with a link for downloading the transferred files will be sent to the email you have specified. A confirmation email will be sent to you in this case as well.

Transfer Download

File receivers will get an email notifying them that they have received files from you. They will be sent a link from which they will be able to download the files. However, the download link will be valid for only 24h for unregistered users, and for three days for registered users. For premium users, the duration is even longer. However for registered users, the link can be valid until the user decided to delete the file if the document was previously stored.

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